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The Active Well-being Initiative (AWI) has the potential to reverse the global trend of increasing levels of inactivity and the growing burden and cost of non-communicable diseases.
Are you ready to be part of the solution? Join the Initiative and become a Partner City now!


As member, you are invited to use the AWI “Partner City” logo and gain access to the platform of information and news, to participate in annual meetings and to learn from each other’s best practices. In addition, you will receive the Global Active City Standard and Guidelines.


You then commit to a process so that it can meet the standard and, if it wishes, eventually  become a certified Global Active City. Yours own individual pathway, which will probably last 6 months to two years, will see the implementation of yours unique vision and set of objectives. This will translate into the establishment of a management system with clear roles and responsibilities among members of your city’s alliance of stakeholder organisations. When ready, your city will be subject to an independent evaluation before securing certification.


As a recognition of the progress made and of the improvements brought to its citizens and communities, your city will then be allowed to use the Global Active City label and combine it with its various active city initiatives or programmes.

Cities and organisations joining the Active Well-being Initiative gain access to

Platform (under development)

A news platform, user community and knowledge base for Active Well-being Initiative Partner Cities and Organisations.

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Annual events

Including networking, webinars, conferences, round-tables and workshops.

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Standards and Guidelines

In order to allow the Lead Officer to know where to begin implementing a personalised GAC Approach.

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Services available to support progress towards certification

Diagnostic visit

During which members of the GAC team fully explain the approach, answer questions and conduct an initial assessment.

Learn More

Lead Officer Workshop

Which increases understanding and helps the Lead Officer to get started implementing a personalised model.

Learn More

If your city is interested in becoming a Partner City, please fill in the online-form below.

Founding members
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