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Partner Cities and Organisations gain access to the following Active Well-being Initiative services that will support their progress towards certification.

Standard and Guidelines

The international standard, developed by Evaleo and TAFISA according to an ISO-compatible standardisation process, provide the framework for the implementation of the Global Active City approach. It includes the requirements that must be implemented in order to gain certification as well as a list of good practices which may be used.

User-friendly guidelines increases understanding, allowing your Lead Officer to understand where to begin implementing a personalised model and to be clear on what is required for certification.

Annual events

Your Lead Officer is invited to attend annual events, which includes webinars, conferences, round-tables and workshops, as well as networking and sharing opportunities.

Diagnostic visit

The Partner City or Organisation hosts a visit by members of the Global Active City Team. The key objectives of the visit are:

  • To fully explain the Global Active City approach to all the key stakeholders
  • To put in place the initial buidling blocks of the multi-stakeholders and cross-sectoral alliance
  • To get an initial insight as to where the Partner City is positioned relative to physical activity and sport for all

The Partner City or Organisation is first asked to complete a pre-diagnostic questionnaire, which is then analysed by the Global Active City team. During the two day visit additional information about the GAC approach will be provided by the team. The Partner City will also be able to provide the team with information as to where they are up to with their own work including any challenges which they might be facing. Following the visit, the GAC team will provide a report containing a number of bespoke recommendations on any areas of the Partner City or Organisation’s work which potentially could be strengthened. If the Partner City or Organisation accepts those recommendations they can either undertake to address them in their own way, or there may be certain areas where they would like additional support from the GAC team.

Lead Officer Workshop

This workshop is delivered by a team of international experts who specialise in the key components of the GAC approach. Developed for Lead Officers, this interactive workshop will provide in-depth information about the standard, together with each of the main elements of how to get certified. The participants at this workshop will also be given the opportunity to ask bespoke questions to the experts in relation to their own cities, together with being able to share some of their own good practices.

Platform (under development)

Your Lead Officer will have access to the AWI web platform, which includes an E-learning centre where additional training can be obtained if necessary.
The platform also acts as a communication tool between your Lead Officer and the AWI team, as well as for communication and sharing between AWI Partner Cities and Organisations.
Finally, the platform provides news regarding programmes and initiatives from around the world.

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