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The Active Well-being Initiative (AWI) has the potential to reverse the global trend of increasing levels of inactivity and the growing burden and cost of non-communicable diseases.
Are you ready to be part of the solution? Join the Initiative, become a Partner City and launch your Global Active City pathway!


Step 1 : interested cities can join the Active Well-being Initiative at any time

You simply need to send us a Letter of Intent signed by one of your city officials confirming your wish to join the Active Well-being Initiative and develop your own approach aligned with the Global Active City good practices and criteria. Once the Letter of Intent has been received, your city will be officially part of the AWI network and will have access to the Global Active City discovery questionnaire, the certification requirements (international standard), the guidelines and the upcoming events and webinars.

Step 2 : initial diagnostic and AWI Partner City recognition

When launching your Global Active City approach, you will benefit from an initial diagnostic. You will be asked to carry out a first analysis of your Active City initiatives by filling out the Global Active City discovery questionnaire. The diagnostic will be organised around a 4-hour discussion (or 2x 2 hours) by video conference and will be based on the analysis of the information provided through the Global Active City discovery questionnaire as well as on additional evidence provided (documents/information). This stage is to be considered as the first step of the Global Active City certification audit. Once this has been successfully completed, you will receive a letter of confirmation of the “AWI Partner City” recognition.

Step 3 : certification application confirmation

At this point, your city can confirm it is an official candidate for the internationnally recognised Global Active City certification. Your request is then registered and when your city is ready to move forward, the information is forwarded to a team of experts in charge of external audits as part of the certification process. The team of experts will then contact you to present the certification process and the related regulations, as well as to schedule the certification audit.

Step 4 : Global Active City certification

After confirmation of compliance with the certification requirements by the team of experts in charge of the external audit, the certification is validated by the certification commission. You will receive a letter of confirmation of the “Global Active City” recognition and your city will then be allowed to use the Global Active City label and combine it with its various active city initiatives or programmes. The certification is valid for four years, subject to compliance with certification maintenance requirements. Annual follow-up audits will be conducted by the team of experts.

If your city is interested in becoming a Partner City, please fill in the online-form below.

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