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The Active Well-being Initiative (AWI) has the potential to reverse the global trend of increasing levels of inactivity and the growing burden and cost of non-communicable diseases.
Are you ready to be part of the solution? Join the Initiative, become a Partner City and launch your Global Active City pathway!

Step 1 : Interested cities can join the Active Well-being Initiative at any time

Send a Letter of Intent signed by a city official confirming your wish to join the Active Well-being Initiative (AWI) and develop your own approach aligned with the Global Active City good practices and criteria.

You can send the letter at any time and once it has been received your city will be officially part of the AWI network ( and benefit from having access to:

  • The Global Active City requirements and guidelines
  • The Global Active City discovery questionnaire (discovering the approach)
  • Global Active City events and webinars

In addition to the above, your city will also be featured on our communications channels.

Step 2 : Initial diagnostic and AWI Partner City recognition

While developing your approach, you will be asked to carry out a first analysis of your approach by filling out and sending the GAC discovery questionnaire. This can be done at any time following the receipt of the Letter of Intent.

This questionnaire is to be considered as a tool to gain deeper insight into some foundations of the Global Active City approach, while providing us with further information on existing implementations.

Your answers (and additional evidence provided) will be carefully analysed by our team and you will benefit from an initial diagnostic, organised around a 4 hour discussion by video-conference. This stage is to be considered as the first step of the GAC certification audit.

Cities will usually opt to have an initial diagnostic within the first 3-6 months following receipt of the Letter of Intent.

Once this stage has been successfully completed (which can include the subsequent implementation of a few recommendations), you will receive a letter of confirmation of “AWI Partner City” recognition. Should you wish to use the related branding we will provide you with access to the logos and the related communications guide.


Step 3 : Certification preparation

Your city can then confirm its willingness to move to the next stage of the certification and become an official candidate for the internationally recognised Global Active City (GAC) certification. Once the confirmation received, we will send you the following documents:

  • GAC certification contract
  • A self-assessment form on Physical Activity and Sport for All Good Practices

We will also put you in contact with an independent auditor who will share the certification regulations, present to you the steps related to the certification audit as well as the necessary preparation required  (i.e. audit plan, relevant documents and evidence to provide).

Step 4 : Global Active City certification

The audit will include key stakeholders and representatives of your Global Active City approach.

While certification audits can take place remotely, should a city wish to have an on-site audit (Covid-19 restrictions permitting), travel and accommodation costs will be at the city’s expense.

Following the final audit and confirmation of compliance with the certification requirements, you will receive a detailed report as well as a letter of confirmation of the Global Active City recognition and your city will be allowed to use the Global Active City label and combine it with its various initiatives and programmes.

The certification is valid for four years, subject to compliance with certification maintenance requirements. Annual follow up audits will be conducted.



If your city is interested in becoming a Partner City, please fill in the online-form below.

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