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The standards provide the framework for the implementation of the Active Well-being Initiative (AWI) approach. They include a management system incorporating requirements and good practices. Your city's Lead Officer will be reponsible for piloting the implementation of a personalised AWI model.

The AWI standards utilise the “Plan – Do – Check – Act” system of management.

As the first step, your Lead Officer will receive the standards as well as a set of user-friendly guidelines to support his/her understanding.

One of your Lead Officer’s key initial tasks will be to build an alliance of key stakeholders united around a shared vision – of delivering significant benefits in fighting non-communicable diseases, physical inactivity and obesity, whilst promoting mental health for all and social inclusion. This vision has to be accepted and adopted by political leaders, partner organisations and the public. The AWI model will ensure that all the key stakeholders understand what they are trying to achieve.

The alliance members will participate in the analysis of the specific context, in order to understand the needs and requirements of all stakeholders, as well as in the drafting of a strategy. Your Lead Officer will then transform this into objectives and action plans, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities, and allocate the necessary resources.

Concrete actions resulting from these action plans will include the creation of a wide network of partners and professionals, who will provide services to citizens through centres and networks as well as at events.

This will allow your Lead Officer to use resources effectively, both financial and staffing, employing the latest communication and marketing techniques to reach out to his entire target population, especially those who are considered to be hard to reach.

Your Lead Officer will, in addition, be responsible for evaluating performance and monitoring impact, as well as for continuously improving the system.

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