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Physical activity can be the driving force for change within cities. But the Active Well-being Initiative understands that all cities are different. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. For this reason, the Active Well-being Initiative is in the process of finalising its second standard – Global Well-being City – for cities that wish to build their model around other strengths.

Global Well-being City standard

The Global Well-being City standard is based on a similar management system to the Global Active City standard, but broadens the sphere of influence to include other action areas beyond physical activity. It encompasses more dimensions and drivers of well-being, such as healthy nutrition, mental well-being, personal coaching, culture and art.

Seven action areas of global well-being

The Active Well-being Initiative is concerned with individual health-enhancing behaviours in seven action areas.  People, organisations and cities may vary in their priority action areas, nonetheless a balance of opportunity for action is desirable across all seven areas. The action areas are interconnected and capacities or deficits in one action area may have a knock-on effect in another.

THe Global Well-being City standard is under development and will be available soon

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